K20TXS stainless steel case erector

K20TXS Stainless Steel Case Erector

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K20TXS is a carton forming and bottom sealing packing machine which control by PLC and operate from HIMI system.
Machine can do 12 carton forming and tapping in every min. very efficiency and convenient.
Carton board can be loaded without stopping the machine.
Packing line will not stop during the continuous packing flow.
Carton packing size can be adjust manually. Easy to operate and maintain.
Machine is made by 304 stainless steel.Note: machine is not waterproof.

1. Bearing: China HRB,good quality, the famous brand of world
2. Electricity box:Special design, move freely
3. Double insurance: China CHINT, greater security for install two insurances in air switch and safety switch
4. Vacuum generator: CHELIC
5. Cylinder: AIRTAC, accurately
6. PLC: Japan Omron
7. Sensor: Germany Leuze
8. Motor: Taiwan GPG, high quality, low failure rate
9. Cutter: Japan SK-12, stainless steel cutter, sharp and durable
10. Electric: French Schneider, high quality parts
11. Relay: Japan IDEC
12. Tape head can be exchanged from 2 inch to 3 inch.

Model K20TXS
Production speed 10~12ctns/min
Power supply 110V/220V、1∮、50-60HZ  200W
Carton size(mm) L250-450xW150-400xH100-400
Air compressing 6kg/cm³
Air comsumption 450NL/MIN
Machine dimension L2000xW1900xH1450mm
Machine weight 450KG
Adhesive tape width 48/60/75MM

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