how to choose the stretch wrapper buying guide

How to choose the fitting stretch wrapper

How to guide customer choose the right stretch wrapper

Purchasing the stretch wrapper should notice

1.What produce that you need pack? Send the picture

Maybe your cargo is easy broken ,easy fall down, HENO packaging will according your detail demands to choose the fitting stretch wrapper

2.What is the size (Length*width*height) of the all kind pallets? Send the picture

HENO packaging will according to the size then choose the turntable diameter or the arm wrapper rotary range

3.What is the weight range (include the empty pallet weight) of the one pallet cargo )

HENO packaging will according the weight choose the turntable type stretch wrapper , arm stretch wrapper, mobile stretch wrapper, heavy duty type slewing bearing turntable pallet wrapper ,if the cargo very light and easy fall down that it need choose the top presser . as for the turntable rotary rotating produce a centrifugal force ,it can making the cargo throw outside.

4.What is the packing speed (pallets/hour) you need?

HENO packaging will according to your packing speed to choose the stretch wrapper type (semi automatic stretch wrapper ,automatic type stretch wrapper ,fully automatic stretch wrapper,fully automatic high speed pallet wrapper )

5. Whether your cargo not has the black and the transparency goods or not ?

Yes, if it has that it need adopt the special photocell to detect your cargo

6. If you packing speed in slow ,heno packaingG1/G2 semi automatic turntable stretch wrapper can meet your demands

7.If you need the fully automatic inline pallet wrapper work with the conveyor line , you need tell us the conveyor line height , your pallet flow ,the layout of the factory. heno packaging can advise you choose our G6 fully automatic turntable inline pallet wrapper or L3 fully automatic Rotary arm wrapper

8.If you need pack the top face of the pallet cargo together that you need the top sheet dispenser , you can choose heno packaging SD1 fully automatic top sheet dispenser or SD2 fully automatic top sheet applicator work with the fully automatic pallet wrapper . if the automatic type pallet wrapper that you can choose heno packaging G5 automatic remote control pallet wrapper with top sheet dispenser

9.Heno packaging has a stronger technical team , we can supply you the Cad drawing help you finish your layout design . let you know about the design well

10.Heno packaging also manufacture the roller conveyor line ,pallet handing solutions work with the stretch wrapper

Pallet handing solutions ( pallet dispenser ,pallet rotary turntable ,pallet transfer,pallet lifter,pallet chain conveyor line,pallet shuttle car,pallet inverter) if you need know more about heno packaging that you can send email to our email address or you can scan our website:

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