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The best price of the stretch wrapper

what is the price of the pallet stretch wrapper ?

what is the quotation of the pallet wrapping machine ?

what is the offer of the vertical pallet wrapping machine?

Cheapest price of the orbital wrapping machine

best price of the horizontal wrapping machine

what is the price list about the pre-stretch wrapper ? Many customer want to know about it very much .

as for this question , i want to tell you the price very much .but it can't come true .because many factors affect the price of the pallet stretch wrapper . firstly , we don't know your product and how do your product need to pack . second we don't know the core component (PLC+HMI+inverter+motor) of the machine you need and so on ,especial the different type of the stretch wrapper , the cost is big different . even thought the same model of the pallet stretch wrapping machine , the different brand core component , the price is also different .


you should know about the pallet stretch wrapper model and relate message before you know about the price list about the pallet wrapping machine . Henopac happy gives you a brief introduction about the stretch wrapper as follow:


with the continuous improvement of the society ,the factory need used the stretch wrapper more and more extensive ,the stretch wrapper is mainly help packing the outside face of the all kinds product put on the pallet or itself outside face (aluminum bar orbital, stainless steel tube orbital, furniture profile need spiral pack the film). our heno packaging industries limited is a professional company to design and manufacture all kind stretch wrapper . henopac pallet stretch wrapping machine is high quality and great variety . it can meet different customer demands and we also can accept the customized stretch wrapper .

henopac stretch wrapper classify : pallet turntable stretch wrapper, horizontal stretch wrapper, roller stretch wrapper, rotary arm wrapping machine, luggage stretch wrapper, stretch wrapper robot,its application is different, so that the price is different.

Henopac's is high quality ,wide range application ,high accuracy ,very mature and stable ,the packing result is beautiful ,cleanliness and fastness, easy to operate and maintenance . this is our purpose.

so that if you only need to know the price stretch , we can't give you directly . you should help us know about your detail demands clearly . we will give you a good result and best price after we know about your total detail demands . if you want to know more about the wrapping machine , wlecome contact heno packaging industries limited . henopac happy to give you good service .

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