palletizer robot system

  • Kawasaki CPL180  palletizer robot
  • Kawasaki CPL180  palletizer robot
  • Kawasaki CPL180  palletizer robot
Kawasaki CPL180  palletizer robotKawasaki CPL180  palletizer robotKawasaki CPL180  palletizer robot

Kawasaki CPL180 palletizer robot

  • Product description: Kawasaki palletizer robot

palletizer robot

Palletizing robot(ABB ,Kuka, yasakawa,Fanuc,Kawasaki nachi brand)  is used in beverage, food, chemical,construction industries and so on .

it can fully automatically stack the bags, cartons or other packaging materials transported by the conveyor according to the working way of the customers' requirements, and transport the materials to be stacked. Automatic stacking, stacking multi-layer, and then push out facilitate for forklifts transport to the warehouse.

The palletizing robot have many advantages

Reduce the labor

The palletizing robot work stable

Improving the working efficient,

Easy to manage

Saving the cost for the company

Especially in our society , it is hard to find the labor and the salary is high. And some adverse circumstances is bad for labor . the palletizing robot is the best choose to solve this problem . .

The palletizing robot is integrated with the check weigher ,rejection machine ,metal detector ,pallet dispenser ,feeder conveyor line ,bags kicker,flattening conveyor line, square roller conveyor line,pick-up conveyor line,pallet wrapping machine

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