palletizer robot system

  • flour bag High level palletizer machine
  • flour bag High level palletizer machine
  • flour bag High level palletizer machine
flour bag High level palletizer machine flour bag High level palletizer machine flour bag High level palletizer machine

flour bag High level palletizer machine

  • Product description: flour bag High level palletizer machine feed high lever palletizing machine powder bags palletizing machine cement bags palletizer machine

flour bags/ animal feed bags/cement bags High level high speed palletizer machine  high lever high speed paleltizing machine

The High Level Palletizer Line can handle bags, crates or boxes in a same machine. Which ensures that a stable, tight and well presented pallet is created.

Technical parameters:

Stacking capacity 1000-1500 bags per hour

Total air consumption  600 nl/min, 0.5 mpa

Power consumption    About 35 kw

The noise     less than 75 db

Operation way      Touch screen

1. servo subcontract system owns national patent, the subcontract system inversion accuracy, not easily broken shaft, smooth, low noise, etc;

2.  the materials bag, unique effective leveling device - spines roller conveyor;

3.  special pressure plastic device, to plastic pallet pockets on each floor and pressing, make the crib form is more compact, smooth, beautiful, can greatly save the site of the warehouse area by the buyer . Is artificial pallet can improve the warehouse utilization rate of 35%.

4.  palletizing machine all of their control components, components adopt international famous company products, to ensure that pallet function of long-term, stable and reliable operation.(see the foreign component list);

5. has a fault self-diagnosis function, and sound and light alarm system, warning of the problems in time;

6), simple and convenient operation platform, let the operator easy to the operation of the machine and monitoring;

7. friendly human-machine touch screen operation interface, can fully monitor running state of the machine, automatic fault display and prompt treatment methods, let the maintenance personnel in the shortest possible time to deal with failure;

Working processing :

1. Bags/boxes/crates travel up the in-feed conveyor

2,.Slightly inclined gripper receives the bag/box/crate and places it against its back edge

3. Centralisation unit inside gripper places bags/boxes/crates straight in the lateral centre of the gripper width

4,. Gripper doors open simultaneously. Bags are dropped on sliding doors. Boxes and crates are lowered on sliding doors by centralisation unit

5.  Pallet is lifted up the enclosed stacking cage to be right underneath the sliding doors where individual layers are formed

6.  Once layer is complete, squeeze collar compresses it to create a tight confined layer to the pallet’s dimensions

7. Sliding doors open to place layer on the pallet

8.  Sliding doors close and a new layer is started. At the same time, pallet moves up to press against underside of the sliding doors to press and flatten recently formed layer

9. Pallet drops back down slightly for next layer to be placed on a flatten surface

10. Process is repeated until pallet is complete

11. As the pallet exits, a new layer starts. The sliding doors provide buffer to allow continuous palletizing



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