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  • Y3 Roll Wrapping Machine
Y3 Roll Wrapping Machine

Y3 Roll Wrapping Machine

  • Product description: Y3 Roll Wrapping Machine

Y3 Roll Wrapping Machine

R3 is a semi-automatic wrapping system with chain-driven which designed to stretch wrap roll product by turning the roll on steel blocking rollers while spinning the product on a turntable. This creates a "cocoon" wrap pattern and provides complete protection of the roll. This machine is widely used in paper roll industry and non-woven rolls.
Product advantage
Ideal for wrapping paper rolls & non-woven rolls 
full wrapping of rolls
Product resources
The main performance parameters
Roll diameter :φ500-1500mm
Roll width 500-1600mm
Wrap efficiency 20-40 rolls/hour
Turntable diameter:φ2000 mm
Turntable weight capacity: 2000kg max
Turntable height: 460mm
Turntable speed 0-12rpm Adjustable turntable speed
Film carriage Power pre-stretch system up to 300% with adjustable 



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