fully auto pallet stretch wrapper

  • SD1 fully automatic In-line Top Sheet Dispenser
SD1 fully automatic In-line Top Sheet Dispenser

SD1 fully automatic In-line Top Sheet Dispenser

  • adopt the Festo rodless cylinder
  • Product description: SD1 fully automatic In-line Top Sheet Dispenser top sheet applicator
SD1 In-line Top Sheet Dispenser

SD1 In-line Top Sheet Dispenser can be integrated with G6 Fully-auto Pallet Wrapper or L3 Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine, to achieve top cover and wrapping of loads. So the loads can be fully prevent from rain drop.
Product advantage
In-line use, automatic cover the top of loads.
Can be integrated with turntable and rotary arm wrapping machine.

Product resources
The main performance parameters
>> This is conveyorized wrapper for automated unmanned packing lines.
>> Machine automatically detects loads and load height, and starts dispensing process.
>> Automatically cut top sheet by motor driven knife.
>> Top Sheet changing location for easy sheet roll change.
>> Top sheet dispensing speed and conveyor speed variable.
>> Top sheet off alarm.
>> This machine could be integrated with G6 Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapper or L3 Fully Automatic Rotary Stretch Wrapper.
Load size: 1200mm L x 1200mm W max
Load height: 2100mm max
Wrap speed: max 40 pallets/hour
Conveyor speed: 3 – 12 mts/min
Top sheet pulling speed: 3 - 12 meters/min
Top sheet cut method: motor driven knife
Top sheet lifter motor: 0.37kw
Power supply: 3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz
Top Sheet type: PE film, thickness 50-75microns, width1600-1800mm, net weight 120kgs max
1. Load size and height could be custom made to specific applications.
2. Safety fencing for better protection of operators
3. Under conveyor.
4. Top sheet lifting crane for loading of sheet roll.



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